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In its third year, CSR Reporters, Nigeria’s No. 1 Social Responsibility publication has instituted this social impact and sustainability Awards to recognize corporate initiatives in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to achieve inclusive growth and inclusive and sustainable development. Although there is still a lot of vagueness and instability about what corporate social responsibility truly implies and additionally what drives a business to seek after it.

Whatever are the inspirations driving corporate social responsibility speculations, it is likewise translated as the idea of triple main concern which catches an extended range of qualities and criteria for measuring organizational achievement; financial, environmental and social. While business morals and corporate management join to create the way to accomplish hierarchical greatness, the genuine test is the point at which this magnificence is changed over into business manageability and here, corporate social responsibility assumes a noteworthy part.


Yes, CSR initiatives in Nigeria are beginning to be strategic, providing a thorough engagement of businesses in society and nation building, albeit still mostly discretionary and philanthropic, characterized by donations, charities and community developments. The CSR Reporters Philanthropic Awards on Social Impact and Sustainability Practices was instituted therefore to celebrate those organizations and well-meaning individuals who are in the forefront of the laudable culture of helping to build a better society for all.

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