CSR REPORTERS is Africa’s Premier CSR and Sustainability platform for news and analysis in print and online, about social responsibility and sustainability practices of organizations and well-meaning individuals across Africa. We analyze, review, report and evaluate issue around organizational philanthropic interventions to ensure penetration and impact. In line with our core mandate, CSR Reporters will always be on hand to cover events and activities that bother on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Philanthropy, Sustainability and Humanitarian efforts across Africa as we hope to, through our reports and analysis continue to encourage others to join in building a sustainable and better African society. Both our monthly magazine and our website are filled with innovative ideas and thought-provoking content you won’t find anywhere else.

Our news and opinion pages fuel the national conversation about inclusive CSR and the role sustainable business practice play in society. We share engaging stories that build community and instigate discussion, dialogue, and debate. We also organize conferences on corporate social responsibility, organizational philanthropy and sustainable business practice.

In all, through our reviews and analysis, our desire is to see some more strategically purposeful corporate social responsibility and humanitarian interventions that are built into organization’s corporate culture to better address the needs of the society.

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There are three major events we embark on each year:

  1. The Social Impact and Sustainability Awards (SISA) Nigeria. The Award is to recognize corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives of organizations (CR&S) in achieving inclusive growth and sustainable development.

2. The annual CSR 50 report on the nation’s top CSR-Centric organizations is a must-read for all. This research document is usually released in the second quarter of every year

3. Monthly ‘Touch a Queen’ project: This is our monthly donate a pad drive which is to ensure indigent young girls have access to a healthy menstruation period by giving them free pads for their monthly period. We also teach them healthy lifestyles.

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