CSR Reporters’ Social Impact and Sustainability Awards


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Time: 4pm Saturday November 25, 2023

Venue: The Radisson Blu Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos


In its fourth year, CSR Reporters, Africa’s premier Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability publication has instituted this Social Impact and Sustainability Awards to recognize corporate initiatives in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to achieve inclusive growth and sustainable development. The award was instituted to celebrate those organizations and well-meaning individuals who are in the forefront of the laudable culture of helping to build a better society for all.

Motivations of the Award

Since 2018, CSR Reporters has been the main organizer for this annual event, receiving 200 award nominations every year. The prestigious awards given under various categories are much sought-after by organizations in Nigeria, most of which are leading ethical organizations engaged in sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives

This Award was instituted to celebrate those organizations and well-meaning individuals at the forefront of the laudable culture of helping to build a better society for all. The award ceremony honors and celebrates the outstanding achievements of organizations that have played inherent roles as change agents in the nation's socio-economic transformation and their noble initiatives to promote sustainable economies while serving the society.

The Award seeks to highlight and recognize companies that have done their part to integrate sustainability principles in their business operations and relationships. Relevant examples include: -

  • Adopting a greener and sustainable supply chain ecosystem
  • Reducing pollution and waste while optimizing product life cycles
  • Increase productivity and optimize material usage
  • Adopting good labor practices by looking after employee welfare; promoting health and safety at work while not forgetting to do good for the communities

Core Objectives of the Award

The Award seeks to:

1. Recognize the organizations that have positively impacted business and society by taking strategic approach to CR&S through collaborative programs.

2. Recognize the companies leading transformation by integrating sustainability in their core business model.

3. Recognize companies for implementing conservation and sustainable management measures of the biodiversity and ecosystem in the value chain.

4. Identify innovative approaches and employ applications and technologies that will help build robust CSR programs to further the cause of inclusive and sustainable development.

Nomination and Mode of Entry

The 2023 edition and nominations are officially open. Nominations are received from various individuals and organizations with detailed information including published and other verifiable information about the nominee and the works being done. Thereafter, nominations are reviewed by a panel of judges composed of experts drawn from both international and local CSR and Sustainability experts, media and intergovernmental organizations. All nominations are then ratified by the board of editors of CSR Reporters following which notification letters are dispatched to the winners to attend the award ceremony.

Judging of Nominations

Awards Steering Committee, co-chaired by the President of the International Network for Corporate Social Responsibility and the Director of Impact Assessment at the Federal Ministry of Environment, has been constituted. The Steering Committee has representation from Government, NUJ, Nigerian Bar Association, NECA, and NACCIMA.

A detailed operational strategy outlining the application process and field verification of applications/ nominated entries through an independent jury has been approved by the Steering Committee. Our judges review all nominations through our online system, hosted on our website, before getting together for the final judging da

To nominate your organization for the Award, please email the following details to: with the subject line, "Nomination for 2023 CSR Reporters SISA".

  • Name of the Person / Organization (Nominee)
  • Award category
  • Contact details – Address, email and telephone number of the contact person.
  • Detailed Information of the Projects / Programs for the nomination including any verifiable information, references, and websites
  • Name of the nominating person / group
  • Email address and mobile number of the nominating person / group

Award categories and broad sectors:

The total number of Awards is 45 under three categories of organizations in 4 broad sectors. The categories are:

1. Organizations engaging in sustainable business practices

2. Organizations engaging in CR&S initiatives

3. Individuals who are leading social change.

The four broad sectors of the Awards for which the applicants will be applying are:

1. Social Impact and Human Development

2. Economic Stewardship and Development

3. Organizational Governance and Leadership

4. Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

Additionally, lifetime achievement and person of the year awards, which seek to recognize individual extra-ordinary contributions in CSR, have also been instituted



1. CSR Award for Women Empowerment

2. CSR Award for promoting Skill Development and Livelihood

3. CSR Award for Education Empowerment

4. CSR Award for Inclusive Development of PLWDs

5. CSR Award for Food Security & Agriculture

6. CSR Award for promoting Health and wellness

7. CSR Award for Poverty alleviation

8. Award for Best workplace and HR Practices

9. CSR Award for the enhancement of safe Drinking Water

10. CSR Award for Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene

11. CSR Award for the support of Exemplary Innovation

12. CSR Award for the support of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

13. Award for Best workplace and HR Practices company of the year

14. Award for excellence in compensation and benefits

15. Best CSR Practices

16. Best Employee Relations and talent management Practices


1. Social Impact Business Leader

2. Responsible Investor of the Year

3. Social Impact Public Servant

4. Community Champion of the year (local NGO)

5. Community Champion of the year (International NGO)

6. Small Enterprise, Big Impact Award


1. Sustainability Initiative of the Year

2. Sustainable Product of the Year

3. Best Sustainability Service of the Year

4 Sustainability Leader of the year

5. Sustainability Champion of the Year

6. Sustainability Professional of the year

7. Best start-up Enterprise of the year

8. Best Sustainability Campaign of the year

9. Positive Climate Action initiative of the year

10. Best Waste Reduction initiative of the year

11. Sustainable supply Chain and Fair Trade Company of the year

12. Best Environmental Behavior Change Company of the year

13. Best Government Sustainability initiative

14. Best Employee Engagement and wellbeing Company of the year

15. Educational Excellence institution of the year

16. Sustainable SME of the year

17. Best ESG of the year

18. Sustainability Consultancy of the year

19. Circular Economy Innovation of the year

20. Sustainability Reporting of Year

21. Sustainability Enabler of the year

22. Most Sustainable Company of the year


1. Lifetime Achievement Award

2. Philanthropic Person of the Year

3. CEO of the year


All organizations – public, private, and civil society organizations are invited to this important event. Your organization will have prominent positioning and global visibility by sponsoring the Awards Ceremony. We have a unique approach to engaging sponsors and partners.

The engagement benefits your company by maximizing opportunities of becoming active participants in the awards program to support these awards. Due to the unique nature of this award, we are meticulous in the selection process including invitation to companies we work with as sponsors.

Any selected company must be able to demonstrate its purpose-driven sustainability and good governance practice.

Sponsorship Packages.

The sponsoring organizations will have significant opportunities for event branding and high-profile marketing before, during, and after the event. However, depending on the chosen category, the possibilities are not limited to the event itself. We will also incorporate your services into the design and delivery of the awards throughout the annual cycle.

Gold sponsor: N7,500,000

Silver Sponsor: N5,500,000

Bronze Sponsor: N3,500,000

Public Relations

Our extensive marketing and public relations campaign assists us in generating interest in the Awards while also providing branding and promoting our sponsors as good corporate citizens. The public and community support for the Awards will allow sponsors to be aligned with a wide range of community and individual activities. Our promotional campaign enables a broad reach into all nooks and cranny of Nigeria. The CSR Reporters Awards will be supported by an extensive marketing and public relations campaign, including:

  • Television
  • Press
  • Radio
  • Printed material and direct mail
  • Interactive website
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