Touch A Queen

CSR Reporters Set To Lift 20, 000 Indigent Young Girls with ‘Touch A Queen Initiative’

Touch A Queen Initiative (TAQ Initiative) is the ‘give back to the society’ project of CSR Reporters. The initiative is dedicated to promoting the freedom and awareness of girls, promoting their education and rights through capacity building and awareness creation.

Through this project, we provide holistic interventions that meet the needs of vulnerable adolescent girls especially those from poor rural and disadvantaged communities. We focus more attention on Adolescents Reproductive Health & Rights and the education for vulnerable girls. We empower and promote girl child education and provide skill support and mentorship to young indigent girls.


To build an independent and complete young girl by providing her with the opportunity needed to develop to her highest potential


Building a society where every young girl is able to develop to her highest potential irrespective of race or religion.


To give young girls opportunities to become who they choose to and even more without any form of constraints.


  • To increase girls’ enrollment, retention and completion of secondary education
  • To enroll girls from vulnerable families in schools
  • To break taboos around menstruation by organizing workshops to educate girls and raise awareness on menstrual and reproductive health
  • To create community awareness and sustain the interest of community members in a girl child education
  • To build the confidence of girls to have a focus on pursuing education and empower them to be responsible members of society
  • To address the special needs of married adolescent, providing them with the opportunities to develop to their highest potentials despite the immediate limitations.


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